Thursday, July 13, 2006

The new "me"

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Ok, i have given up on sticking to my old pic and have chosen a newer (better?) one to go with on blogger alone...everywhere else, i shall retain my old pic :) comments are most welcome :D

Monday, July 10, 2006

The journey...

As i was cycling back from home to hostel yesterday evening, I was in some kind of mood and the following lines ran through my mind as I went through the paces...

The road ahead appears narrow and dark,
People are there all around,
Some walking, some waiting,
Some stand still not knowing what to do..

As I inch closer to my destination,
My legs get wearier, I feel weaker,
The humidity saps the strength out of my body,
I slow down and move on slowly and steadily.

As I watch, quite a few overtake me,
But it hardly bothers me;
My speed slackens but not my spirit,
I keep pushing myself just that bit harder to keep up the pace.

The sun peeps from the edge of the horizon,
The street lights start to come on one by one,
I manage to get past one or two,
But many others have already passed by me.

Drenched in sweat, I feel completely exhausted,
I step down to take a break at the corner shop,
Sip a drink and enjoy its coolness,
As I realize its getting late and its time to buckle up.

As I climb onto my cycle I feel a surge of energy,
The road suddenly seems to have become wider,
And all the potholes have gone to fend elsewhere,
The new layer of tar makes the ride a pleasure!

Its not soon that I reach a traffic junction,
The red signal stops me in my tracks;
I have no choice but to wait,
But soon, I am back on my way.

I can now spot some ahead in the distance,
Those who went past me sometime ago;
I wonder if I can ever catch up with them,
The sight of them makes me determined to push myself;

Quickening up my pace,
I move ahead hoping to make up for lost time,
The many speed breakers look as though
They remind me that I just cant go fast

The road too is filled with stones strewn all over
Rugged and tough, my tyres take a real beating
Just as I start pondering my next step,
The back tyre gets screwed up...

That ends part 1 of the poem representing all the random thoughts that went on in my mind then.... Part 2 will take some time coming but its going to be there someday, someway˙.

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

How much more worse can it get?!?

A message i received in my orkut inbox today from a guy who sent it to a community i am a member of...

subject: hi ppl a request
message: hi (*&%ites
myself and my friends r playing a game in which whoever gets the maximum scrap after a month wins ....
kindly scrap me and help me ...
scrap anything ...plz
help me win..
thank u

man oh man!! i think this is getting out of hand now!! this orkut craze :(

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